By // Antonio Morodo


The project's concept emerged from the idea of creating a building consistent with the requirements of the program, and more importantly, one that was friendly to the environment, by making the most of the climatic conditios in the site to maximize energy use.

To achieve this, the program's different areas were distributed based on the land's orientation. The closed areas, such as the recording forum and the CTC (site), were positioned towards the Southwest in order to avert the sun's heat in the office areas.

Regarding the open areas which face South, the temperature is regulated by a double facade of aluminium louvers, that control the sunlight and prevailing winds at the same time, minimizing the use of renewable energy.

The building is ventilated and illuminated in every area thanks to a large central courtyard that serves as microclimate, and helps control the inside temperature as well. The courtyard is also the building's visual center.

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